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Chloe Malouf Dowse

Chloe is the founder and director of Be Well Clinics. With a passion for whole body health and holistic healing, Chloe believes there is no 'one size fits all' solution to healthcare.

Chloe specialises in a holistic needle therapy, (chakra-puncture), that implements the use of Japanese acupuncture needles. Buy addressing the underlying energetic blockages in the body Chloe leads her clients to true wellbeing and whole body and mind health. Chloe treats clients with longterm or ongoing health concerns, including chronic pain and digestive issues.

Her needling therapy combines elements of counselling and physical release. It is a very supportive therapy for people suffering with anxiety, constant worry or stress.

Chloe is also an experienced auricular thermo-therapist (ear candling) and loves to bring this incredibly relaxing and cleansing experience to her clients.

Chloe is also trained in RESET. This therapy is used in patients with jaw pain, TMJ, migraines, lock jaw and more.

For more information on these therapies or to book please see our appointments page.  

Kat Cooper

Kat is a qualified remedial massage therapist with 7 years experience.

Kat has a special interest in pregnancy and postpartum massage. Kat has continued to grow her knowledge and experience by undertaking a degree in Health Science and Osteopathy at SCU. Currently in her 3rd year of study Kat brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients on and off the table.

Kat also runs a mobile pregnancy and postpartum massage clinic, supporting women through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, well into motherhood. 

Here at Be Well Clinics, Kat aims broaden her scope and treat every body not just mums and mums to be. Men that includes you too!

Kat offers deep tissue remedial, relaxation massage and Korean style cupping therapy. 

Her approach is patient-centred, holistic and therapeutic. 

To book a massage with Kat please see our appointments page.

Barbara Cottavoz

Barbara is a 500H Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher, with extensive experience teaching yoga, meditation and self enquiry to beginners and experienced yogis, both adults and kids.

Originally from France Barbara spent 3 years teaching more then 600 private, group and corporate classes in London. Barbara then followed her yoga journey to India where she spent 1yr with spiritual guides learning yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.

Barbara is passionate about charity work and recently launched GloBe Yoga an association bridging the gap for yoga and holistic therapies to be shared globally.

Her intention though delivering private and group classes at Be Well is to awaken and strengthen the entire body, focus on breath, develop concentration, and clear the mind on and off the mat. 

Barbara has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the body, mind and soul. She is a kind, compassionate and caring teacher who provides clear guidance and instruction. 

You can join a group class with Barbara on Tuesdays 9am, Thursdays 5.30pm, Sundays 8am. Or book a one on one online (highly recommended)...click the link below. 

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